Living with Eternity in Mind: Why I Chose This Name for My Blog

Choosing a name for my blog was probably the hardest part of starting LWEIM for me. I racked my brain for days and enlisted the help from friends and family trying to find a name that fit the purpose of the blog. I was taking a break from brainstorming when I was reminded of the phrase I tell myself every day, Live with Eternity in Mind. It was everything I wanted and more. But it was more than just a beautiful name for me, it was the choice I made that changed my life, the choice to follow Jesus.

My journey to truly follow Jesus started three years ago when I was suffering from the loss of my beloved grandma while going through a pretty brutal breakup. I had let an abusive relationship consume my life and I had lost touch with who I was and my purpose. I was devoured by fear and anxiety, which left me feeling alone, lost, and angry. I couldn’t understand why God would let this happen to me, it was like trying to find something in the dark. My eyes were open but I couldn’t see, I couldn’t find my purpose, I couldn’t see who I was called to be. I felt like I had lost everything, but little did I know I was about to find everything I ever could’ve needed.

It was a few weeks after the passing of my grandma when I woke up with a strong urge to go to church. I hadn’t been to church since I was in high school and I had always thought it just wasn’t “my thing”. But I got up and got ready (which was a miracle all on it’s own at that time) and headed to the nearest church. I sat in back row by myself trying to hide the tears that streamed down my face during worship and during the sermon. But I wasn’t crying because I was sad, I was crying with joy. I finally felt like I was where I needed to be and in that moment, I realized for the first time, that I was never alone, my heavenly Father was always with me.

In the next few weeks I attended church every Sunday and requested a meeting with a pastor who was so kind and introduced me to a wonderful community of people living for Jesus. I began to get more involved at the church and eventually I got baptized and for the first time I made the choice to follow Jesus. I was overwhelmed by the support and love I found at church and I was beyond grateful for the people God had placed in my life.

This was just the beginning of what has been my journey to developing a real and intimate relationship with God. I’d be lying if I said it has been easy because it hasn’t but, God continues to assure me He’s with me through it all and continues to bless me every day.

Now back to how the phrase living with eternity in mind came to be. It has been a phrase that I’ve kept with me ever since I was baptized. I’ve always had little sayings or words, affirmations if you will, that I repeat through myself throughout the day and this is one of them. I have a long history of struggling with sin and every time I was tempted I remind myself to live with eternity in mind. For me, it’s a simple reminder to try and live like Jesus did, to love God, love my neighbors, and love myself. It reminds me of my eternal purpose to teach others about Jesus and It’s a mindset to not be concerned with things of the world but of heavenly things.

Jesus calls us to be prepared for His return and I wanted to start this blog to speak on the urgency and hope of following Jesus. So I figured there was no better name for my blog than a phrase that has reminded me so many times who I choose to live my life for. I pray that this blog gives you hope like the name of it has given me, that it would remind you of your purpose, that it will inspire you to live with eternity in mind for yourself, because it has changed my life for the better and I know it will change yours too.

“If then you have been raised with Christ, seek the things that are above, where Christ is, seated at the ight hand of God. Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on Earth.” (Colossians 3:1-2).







One response to “Living with Eternity in Mind: Why I Chose This Name for My Blog”

  1. MICHAEL AUER Avatar

    Congratulations on your blog. I love the name of your blog “Living with Eternity in mind” . Just think how different the world would be if we all thought about ” Eternity ” before we acted or said something.


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